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Prices may vary

Authentic Chinese Dishes

AU1. Dry Bean Curd w. Pork spicy $13.95
AU2. Balley Pork w. Spicy Fresh Mushroom spicy $13.95
AU3. Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce spicy $12.95
AU4. Spicy Diced Chicken spicy $12.95
AU5. Crispy Duck $15.95
AU6. Sauteed Shrimp w. Scallion $14.95
AU7. Clam and Black Bean Sauce $14.95
AU8. Salted Duck $15.95
AU9. Boiled Chicken w. Ginger Sauce $13.95
AU11. Boiled Beef or Pork w. Hot Chili Sauce spicy $14.95
AU12. Special Beef Noodle $10.95
AU13. Boiled Fish w. Hot Chili Sauce $15.95
AU14. Roast Chicken $13.95
AU15. Salted Chicken $13.95
AU16. Salt Pepper Squid spicy $14.95
AU17. Ma La Beef spicy $14.95
AU19. General Shrimp spicy $14.95
AU20. Beef Stew w. Curry Sauce $14.95
AU22. Pork Stem w. Sour Mustard Green $12.95
AU23. Spare Rib & Tofu w. Black Bean Sauce $13.95
AU24. Beef Omasum w. Black Bean Sauce $13.95
AU25. Beef Stew Casserole $15.95
AU26. Braised Pork $13.95
AU27. Ox Tongue & Tripe w. Chili Sauce spicy $16.95

Authentic Chinese Dishes

AU28. Steamed Chicken in Chili Oil Sauce spicy   $13.95
AU29. Pork w. Garlic Sauce spicy   $13.95
AU30. Noodle in Hot and Sour Sauce spicy   $10.95
AU31. Braised Beef Tripe   $13.95
AU32. Garlic Spare Ribs    $13.95
AU33. Garlic White Pork   $13.95
AU34. Chinese Seasonal Vegetables   $11.95
AU35. Roast Combination Platter   $15.95